Tadd Torborg

This is left-over stuff from before social media. Most of this is 10 years old, some much older. I started making web pages in 1994. My server died in 2009 or so and I only established an account with Godaddy several years after that so I lost my great Google ranking.

I actually had an Internet Home Page, back when that was a thing. Recently Facebook and LinkedIn and other commercial products have taken over. Since my homepage was completely written to be content intensive and dynamic, I moved it off to archival storage and did not deploy it to GoDaddy. However, I keep some of the crap I created on here because people have linked to it and once in a while I like to point to it. Some of it is fun, especially because it is so old.

I do have some web pages to support clubs and hobbies that I'm involved in and two of those are current.

My current web pages are
ham radio page for Raleigh
TARPN ham radio packet network

Here is the legacy stuff

Tadd's computer history

OCRA W4EZ field day pix by Tadd
Canobie Lake Amusement Park
Vinalhaven Maine
BzFlag Oct 2004 BzFlag GMWAR 2006
Aerial Nashua
Cats, now both gone, Choochoo and Mischief