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This repeater list shows open analog voice repeaters which are known to work in or around Raleigh, R, as tested by a couple of volunteers. In addition, some repeaters outside of the Capital district are shown because they are both well known and wide coverage repeaters used by Raleigh hams when they are mobile outside of the Raleigh area.

There are many repeaters in the region which are not shown. Consult Repeater Book for a more complete list.

  6 Meter FM phone 50-54Mhz band

52.525 6m National Simplex Channel simplex
53.03 Rno Raleigh - potentially linked PCRN
53.11 118.8Elizabethtown -- N4DBM N4DBM
53.15 100 McCain - N1RIK - works to south side of Cary Carolina 440
53.45 107.2southwest of Chapel Hill - Wide Coverage OCRA
53.61 R88.5 Durham - WR4AGC - TV Hill DFMA
53.95 100 Sauratown Mountain - Wide Coverage - sometimes linked?Carolina 440

Color code indicates a club or network with multiple repeaters. RARS is white on blue. PCRN is white on brown.

Carolina 440, PCRN, and W4BAD, networks are repeaters which share audio over ham radio links so you can talk to people spread across multiple repeaters or switch repeaters while mobile keeping same conversation. All three networks include repeaters not represented in this list. These networks are large. A Google search will reveal the list of repeaters and any membership offers or advantages.

Not all linked repeaters are on network all the time. Repeater link enable and disable touch tone codes may be issued to members of the club.

R means loud in Raleigh. Repeaters without the R symbol are either only reachable in part of Wake County, or are outside of the area entirely. Locations are described in the repeater listing. You'll have to do Google Maps searches on some of these maybe. Except where noted, all repeaters are in North Carolina.

3rd column is PL tone

  2 Meter FM phone 144-148Mhz band

146.52 2m National simplex channel simplex
146.535 random use by anybody simplex
146.55 random use by anybody simplex
146.58 Join south Wake and Johnston counties for nightly chats simplex
147.42 used in Wake County for Public Service - RARS simplex simplex
145.13 R82.5 RTP -- coverage fills gaps in 146.64 RARS
145.17 100 Oxford - always linked - Yaesu Fusion W4BAD
145.19 R156.7north Raleigh K4GWH independent
145.21 R82.5 Auburn WRAL tower - Wide coverage K4ITL/ PCRN South Wake
145.23 107.2Pittsboro - W4UNC OCRA
145.27 107.2Pinehurst - N1RIK Carolina 440
145.33 100 Goldsboro - K4JDR Always linked Carolina 440
145.37 R100 Durham - linked to 443.175 and others - Yaesu Fusion W4BAD
145.45 R82.5 Durham - TV Hill DFMA
146.64 Rno Raleigh - Fairgrounds area - Coverage shields RTP and west RARS
146.67 no Burlington - mobile coverage from Greensboro to Durham K4EG Alamance
146.685 88.5 Grifton - WNCT/WITN tower wide coverage PCRN
146.70 82.5 Dunn W4PEQ - Wide Coverage ChicoraARG
146.70 107.2Danville, VA - K4AU - White Oak Mountain independent
146.715R88.5 Wake Forest, NC FCARC
146.745 131.8Roanoke Rapids N4WFU-Wide Coverage high tech multisite independent
146.76 131.8Wilson WA4WAR Wilson ARC
146.805R118.8Louisburg independent
146.85 88.5 Goldsboro K4CYP WayneCARA
146.88 R82.5 Auburn - WRAL tower - Wide coverage SKYWARN
147.91 100 Fayetteville K4MN CFARS
146.94 100.0Butner part time linked to W4BAD - Yeasu Fusion WA4IZG
146.985 100.0Creedmoor FM06pc - OK with 5w +roof antenna in North Raleigh independent
147.015 110.9SSE of Angier, KA0GMY, tower at NC4RA's independent
147.105 82.5 Broadway K4ITL - TV40 tower - not usually linked PCRN
147.135R82.5 southwest of Chapel Hill-K4ITL-not usually linked PCRN
147.150 82.5 Roanoke Rapids K4ITL PCRN
147.225 82.5 Hillsborough - west Raleigh through Burlington DFMA
147.255 82.5 Level Cross K4ITL Ashboro - Wide Coverage not usually linked PCRN
147.27 Rno Auburn - WRAL tower - Wide coverage JARS
147.315R88.5 Rolesville KF4HFQ often linked to 444.95 FCARC
147.33 100 Ft. Bragg WA4FLR CFARS
147.36 R136.5Durham NS4S independent
147.39 R88.5 Apex WB4IUY TEARA

  1.25 Meter FM phone 222-225Mhz band

223.5 220 National Simplex Channel simplex
224.16R91.5 Auburn - WRAL tower - Wide coverage - offline from early 2022 PCRN
224.22 no Louisburg KD4CPV independent
224.26 no Hillsborough -- good to west Raleigh and RTP always Internet tho DFMA
244.58 91.5 Rocky Mount KR4AA good into east Raleigh independent
244.70 100.0Coats K4JDR independent
224.84 no Grifton Wide-Coverage -damaged in Hurricane Mathew independent

  70 Centimeter FM phone 420-450Mhz band

446.0 440 National Simplex Channel simplex
441.3 103.5Raleigh Carolina 440
441.600R77.0 KC4WDI Raleigh independent
441.725R100 Raleigh fairgrounds Carolina 440 hub Carolina 440
442.075R114.8Auburn - WRAL tower - Wide Coverage (was Apex) independent
442.15 R131.8southwest of Chapel Hill - Wide coverage OCRA
442.575R79.7 Raleigh - K4ITL Western Ave?? SmithChart
442.675R100 Raleigh NC State - W4ATC NC-State
443.1 100 Chalybeate Springs, Kipling Carolina 440
443.175R100 W4BAD network hub linked to several 2m - Yaesu FusionW4BAD
443.275R100 Red Mountain RougeMont NC4CD independent
443.475 131.8Siler City - W4UNC OCRA
444.075 100 Morrisville Carolina 440
444.1 R82.5 Durham TV Hill (base stations in N Raleigh) DFMA
444.3 R82.5 Wake Forest SmithChart
444.325R100 Holly Springs - Water Tank - south wake Carolina 440
444.35 107.2Cane Creek Mountain - Wide near Burlington
444.4 100 Fayetteville K4MN CFARS
444.45 R100 Durham VA Hospital (base stations in N Raleigh) DFMA
444.525R82.5 Bayleaf tower north Raleigh RARS
444.65 88.5 NC4RA in Angier Carolina 440
444.75 100 Sauratown Mountain - Wide coverage near Winston SalemCarolina 440
444.775R100 Cary Carolina 440
444.825R146.2Raleigh K4GWH independent
444.875R100 Wendell - Viper Tower Carolina 440
444.925R94.8 Durham KB4WGA Carolina 440
444.95 R88.5 Rolesville KF4HFQ -- often linked to to 147.315 FCARC

I color coded the listings so each club or linked system has its own colors. This would make it easy, for instance, to find all of the repeaters operated by RARS. You just find one and the rest will jump out. I think.

This chart does not list every simplex frequency, or every repeater, only those which the author knew about and seemed interesting, or was workable from north Raleigh, or was recommended by somebody who emailed and then seemed interesting.

Feel free to contact me at my QRZ email address. Bribes are accepted, excepted, buried, dug-up, laundered, spent, and then denied.

Please do some homework to discover the full width of each band and what can be done on it. I recommend the FCC part 97, the American Radio Relay League web site, and the South East Repeater Association web site.

Building a repeater is not hard. Building a great repeater is insanely difficult. You can have a lot of fun on the way to greatness. The first repeater is quite a kick. Search for Catfish Repeater on the Googles.

Some of the repeaters in the local area were missed in this survey because they were not in range of the test locations, they were off-the-air, or because your author was ignorant. I also listed the repeaters I knew to have really large/wide coverage around our area. I did not include digital-only repeaters, on purpose. A few of the repeaters listed were off the air when I made the list.

There are several networks of repeaters in the Raleigh metro area. These include the Carolina 440 network, the Piedmont Coastal Repeater Network (PCRN) and W4BAD network. Check the Internet web pages for more information, or ask on repeaters known to be on each network. Some of the repeaters are always linked. Some of them are only linked on demand from network members.

This document was created in early January 2017. It is probably wrong already. Please feel free to create a new document containing this information and please spread it around.

Some of this information is from KN4AQ's list on the RARs web site. Information was checked against Tests were performed by KE4VNC and KA2DEW over a couple of years. Other hams provided input but chose not to be listed lest they too become targets of ridicule or derision (is there a difference?).

73 de Tadd, KA2DEW, Raleigh NC. FM05pv