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Every one of these hamfests is worth going to from Raleigh (so says your author). There are some others which are closer than Shelby, Richmond and Dayton, which are probably not worth the drive, but that depends on what you are looking for and how much you like hamfests! Get a full list of hamfests from the ARRL Hamfest Calendar.

Each button goes to a hamfest web page. The dates are rough estimates. Please use the hamfest web page for exact information.

robinhood road baptist church 7am to noon. talegate is free Winston Salem hamfest
hamfest citymonth how fartalk-in frequency (check before drive!)
First-Fest Winston Salem NCJanuary 2 hours 145.47 100hz
FrostFest Richmond VA February 2.5 hours
Hamcation Orlando FL February 8.5 hours
Charlotte Hamfest Concord NC March 2 hours 146.655 (no tone) or 146.94 (118.8)
RARSfest Raleigh NC April 0 minutes 146.64 (no tone)
Down East Hamfest Kinston NC April 1.5 hours 146.685 (82.5)
Rockingham County SwapfestReidsville NC May 1.5 hours 146.67 (no tone)
DurhamFest Durham NC May 30 minutes147.255 (82.5) or 145.45 (no tone)
Dayton Hamvention Xenia OH May 8 hours 146.94 (123.0)
FireCracker Hamfest Salisbury NC July 2 hours 145.41 (136.5)
Cary Swapfest Cary NC July 15 minutes146.88 (no tone)
Cape Fear ARC SwapFest Fayetteville NC August 1.5 hours 146.91 (100.0)
Huntsville Hamfest Huntsville AL August 9 hours 146.94 (100.0)
Shelby Hamfest Shelby NC September 3 hours 146.88 (no tone)
JARSfest Benson NC November 30 minutes147.27 (no tone)

Athens Tennessee's regional hamfest calendar