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  Zip cord wire

Aapex Online is a company in NYC that sells car stereo stuff wholesale to local (NYC) car stereo installers.

They sell zip-cord wire in red/black for really low prices compared to any other wire vendor I've run into.


They take orders on the phone. They have a web page but it is in terrible shape. I have ordered from them twice, once via paypal, and once on the phone. See contact info below. This seems incredibly shady because web pages are easy. Dunno. YMMV. I love the roll of 16 gauge wire I've been working through for 2 years. W4RFQ got a roll of 10 gauge from them.

I use a credit card which has buyer protection. Could also use a gift-card type credit-card if you are really suspicious. This is a really good price on wire!

Here is their contact information: